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Realtime Reporting

For the times you don’t want to wait for the transcript, LNS provides realtime reporting. When you request realtime for your deposition, the reporter provides a wireless transcript feed directly to your computer, tablet, or smartphone (or one we provide for you), giving you access to the words as they are being spoken.

You and your team can search, highlight, and bookmark the testimony to prepare for cross-examination, then take it home with you when the deposition is done.

  • Share transcript with offsite co-counsel
  • Pair with streaming video during remote depositions
  • Tag terms to highlight them each time they are mentioned

Plus, owner Robin Nodland is the only Certified Realtime Systems Administrator in Oregon, which means there's no one better qualified to help get your system running without a hitch.

Featured Testimonial

LNS provides great court reporting services.  They have been pioneers in new technology and have uncompromising standards for accuracy and professionalism.

~ Paula Barran, Barran Liebman