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Company Information

Nearly three decades ago, Robin Nodland and Carol Studenmund decided that instead of using technology as a way to do less, they were going to use it as a way to do more. In 1987, they founded LNS.  Now Catherine Alley Teach has joined our team, and our best just got better.

Robin is a longtime member of the Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting and has served on the National Court Reporters Association Technology Committee for the past several years. In that capacity, she has been leading the industry in seeking out reliable, intuitive technological solutions that make litigation easier, not more complicated.

Catherine Alley Teach, RPR, CRI, three-time president of the Oregon Court Reporting Association and founder of Teach Reporting-Moore & Henderson, joined LNS November 1, 2014.  Catherine brings with her over three decades of industry leadership.

Two of the most highly qualified reporters in the state, Robin and Carol are both Certified Realtime Reporters and are two of only a handful of Oregon reporters to hold the title of Registered Diplomate Reporter, the highest certification available. At LNS, we employ professionals certified not only in Oregon, but also in Washington and California, and our work is one hundred percent steno machine.

Our staff reporters are the best in the business, averaging over fifteen years’ experience in the field. Their extensive litigation experience includes:

  • Business
  • Medical
  • Maritime
  • Environmental
  • High-tech
  • Labor management
  • Construction
  • Intellectual property
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Product liability

Our seasoned support staff has been in the business for years, so you can count on knowledgeable service every time. Just let us know about any special requests when you schedule your reporter!

Additional Credentials

  • Robin, Carol, and Catherine have all served as president of the Oregon Court Reporters Association.
  • Robin remains the only Certified Realtime Systems Administrator in Oregon.
  • Both Robin and Carol are certified Registered Diplomate Reporters, the highest certification available through the National Court Reporters Association.
  • LNS is a member of the Ethics First program, which limits excessive gift-giving to protect the integrity of the attorney-court reporter relationship.
  • LNS has attained Gold level sustainability certification through the City of Portland and Sustainable Business Oregon. 

Featured Testimonial

Over the years, LNS has consistently provided me with responsive service that makes it easy for me to focus on doing my job.  I know that when I call them, they will arrange for everything I need.

~ Lawrence Wobbrock, Lawrence Wobbrock Trial Lawyer, PC