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Legal Video

When you hire a videographer, it’s because you want visual evidence. Our trained, seasoned videographers and high-definition cameras make sure you’re capturing the whole story. They’ll arrive early to set up equipment and determine optimal placement and lighting, then stay engaged throughout, reframing the camera and adjusting audio feeds to make sure you don’t miss a word, sigh, or gesture. When you call LNS, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality legal video available.

  • Digital HD cameras improve image quality while lowering costs—and they never run out of tape.
  • Video files can be synchronized with the transcript and/or delivered in a variety of formats so you can import into Trial Director, Summation, Sanction, or other litigation support programs.
  • Two-camera option allows simultaneous recording of witness and exhibits.
  • Back-up system ensures continued recording even in the rare event of technical difficulties.

Featured Testimonial

LNS provides great court reporting services.  They have been pioneers in new technology and have uncompromising standards for accuracy and professionalism.

~ Paula Barran, Barran Liebman